Engineers for Home Inspection
Engineers for Home Inspection
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Engineers for Home Inspection
Comprehensive Home and Building Inspections
Choose a Licensed Engineer - Don't Take Chances!

Engineers for Home Inspection Engineers for Home Inspection provides a Licensed Professional Engineer (PE) who is also a Licensed Home Inspector to inspect your home or building. The Licensed Engineer has achieved a level of engineering competence not found in the non-engineer home inspector. The Licensed Engineer who is a home inspector seeks alternatives to discovered problems that may not be apparent to non-engineer home inspectors. The very nature of the engineering education and training is problem solving. Technical skill and professional judgment are the very essence of an Engineer's decision process.

The Engineer will perform a thorough home or building inspection and prepare a comprehensive report so your home buying purchase is made with as much knowledge of the condition of the home or building as possible.

We are an independent third party who looks out for YOUR INTERESTS. With an extensive list of credentials in home and building inspection, home and building construction and engineering, our mission is to find, document and explain defects and concerns. We also like to point out positive features of the home as well.

You are highly encouraged to accompany us during the inspection process. This provides a first hand look at defects (and positive features), allows you to ask questions, and to talk about how to maintain the home or building. This enables you to make more informed decisions.

We also offer wood destroying insect inspections (termite) and radon testing

Just One of the Many Benefits of using a Licensed Engineer:

If a structural defect of any significance is identified during the inspection, a regular home inspector who follows proper guidelines will recommend further evaluation by a Structural / Licensed Engineer.

Being a Structural / Licensed Engineer already on site, I can inspect the structural defect(s) right on the spot.

What to Expect

A single-family home inspection usually takes two to three hours or longer, depending on the home's condition and square footage. We take our time to do a complete and thorough inspection. We don't try to fly through the inspection because our price is so low that we have to make up for it with volume.

A commerical or engineering inspection is performed on an hourly basis.

The Licensed Engineer will typically arrive about a half hour prior to your arrival so that most of the exterior of the home is reviewed by the time you get there.

The Report

After the inspection is completed, a report will be generated that day (unless the inspection is after 4 PM, then it's the next day). Reports will not be generated on site so you don't have to wait around while the report is prepared. Also, reports not generated on site give the Engineer a chance to check reference material (if need be) about an observed concern.

A Home or building Inspection is a Critically Important Step

It's common knowledge that having an inspection is a prudent decision.
So don't take chances on the training and background when chosing an inspector.

"Choose a Licensed Engineer - Don't Take Chances!"

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NJ: 609-781-8000
PA: 215-510-5008
PA: 610-945-4080

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